Galveston Beach – Wilson’s First Swim


My puppy, Wilson, turned one last week and has me reminiscing of our first trip to Galveston Beach with him. He was so clumsy he kept tripping over himself and face planting into the wet sand! Alice, my maltipoo, loves running into the waves and he kept trying to chase but just couldn’t keep up.

On the gross side of things I heard from a few coworkers that the beach’s bacteria levels are often bad leading people to get sick. I checked the website for Texas beaches all week long and they were fine everyday. I didn’t really let the dogs swim much just in case but the next night I was petting Alice and felt little bumps on her stomach. When I turned her over she was covered in rash bumps and sores all over her stomach, legs and neck. It was so terrible! I took her into the vet the next day and they said they see that all the time from the water.

So moral of the story, DO NOT SWIM IN GALVESTON.


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