Get To Know Me – 12 Things

I’ve seen a few Blogs doing these 12 things posts and they’re so interesting to read. I thought it would be nice to start getting to know me this way!

  1. I eat mostly vegan. When I was 11 I lost a bet and had to become a vegetarian for a year. I actually did a lot of research into it and loved the way I felt physically after. I stuck with it for 12 years and upped it to veganism for the last 5 years of it. I ended up getting sick and having to do an elimination diet that involved meat a couple of years ago. I’m back to almost all vegan but occasionally I’ll have salmon.
  2. My favorite season is winter – no lie. I was a December baby and grew up digging tunnels in the snow in Michigan. Lorelei said it best, “Everything is magic when it snows.” Living in Texas makes me reallllly appreciate the snow even more. I even love the bitter cold wind! Fun Fact: it actually snowed here in Texas on my birthday this year, I was so happy I teared up.
  3. I’m one of the first women on my moms said of the family to not have red hair in generations. I did end up with their Irish curls though!
  4. I used to own a coffee shop and bakery. I had to sell it to move to Texas two years ago but it was still one of the best experiences ever!
  5. I have two sweet heart doggies that are my children. Alice is my tiny Maltipoo and Wilson is my giant Saint Bernard/German Shepard mix. I got Alice while I was still in high school, my moms dog had puppies and I kept one. I swear shes me in dog form. Wilson was a rescue my boyfriend found here in Texas. He’s a big old dummy but he has one of the purest, sweetest heart.
  6. I had pointed ears growing up. I grew out of them by high school but from when I was a baby until then they were pointed. A few kids called me elf in middle school. It thankfully was not in a mean way.
  7. I never finished college with a degree. I went four different times! The first was to baking and pastry school, I ended up getting really sick and having to leave. After a year or so I tried cosmetology school but got sick again. A month or so later I decided to go back to baking and pastry but to a different school, one day in I decided I didn’t like the location and transferred back to my original school. After realizing all the hoops I would have to jump through to graduate it just didn’t seem worth the money for the degree. So I dropped out and opened my own Coffee shop and Bakery.
  8. My first concert was to see Hanson with my sister when we were kids. My dad rented a limo to drive us down! I remember thinking we were so cool sipping orange juice out of champagne glasses on the way there. Its one of my favorite memories!
  9. I am incredibly close with my family. Its a struggle for me to live so far away from them right now but hopefully I will be back in a few years. Now I get daily videos of my niece and nephew that keep me smiling. I really cannot wait for the day I get to start my own little family!
  10. When my boyfriend and I moved to Texas we realized we really haven’t traveled much, especially out of the country. So we decided every year around our anniversary we would try to take a trip out of the country somewhere. Even if its not that far away. Our first year we went to Bali, then last year we went to Vancouver, Canada. This coming year so far we have a family cruise around Mexico booked. Then some smaller traveling within the states for weddings and bachelor(ette) parties.
  11.  Maybe i’m just thinking about this because I went to the dentist the other day but I have never had a cavity. I credit kids toothpaste. Mint actually makes me really nauseous and gives me headaches so I’ve always had to steer clear of the adult stuff. Lately I’ve been using this product from Lush instead and its seriously my favorite.
  12. If I had to choose a dream career right now it would probably be elopement photography or just photography of people in love. I have always tended to move toward creative careers and I just love love. Its infectious and beautiful.

Thanks for getting to know me! I hope to post much more in the future!



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