2017 Highlight – Vancouver, Canada

This past fall I visited Vancouver with my boyfriend. We try to travel somewhere new for our anniversary every year and that’s where we ended up. It was SO Beautiful! My favorite seasons are fall and winter. I love the way the air smells when the leaves fall and when the snow is coming. Vancouver did not disappoint with those wonderful smells.

  1. Cartems Donuterie.

I’ve never been a doughnut person. they’ve always been kind of boring for me on the dessert meter but oh my gosh Cartems blew my mind. I still crave these every day. Now i’m nervous to try any other doughnut shop because nothing could compare. There is also an amazing used bookshop not far across the street that had stacks upon stacks of books all around the floor and on every surface.


2. Stanley Park.

We explored this next. It was so dreamy in the fog. I’m so glad we went on the day we did. Vancouver is also one of my favorite places just because when its cold, rainy or even just foggy almost everyone has coats on their dogs walking around. It was so funny!


3. Rockos Diner and Bridal Veil Falls.

I was actually thinking about where to eat on our way to the falls the night before. While scrolling around on twitter I saw cosmopolitan shared an article about the diner that Riverdale shot its pilot episode at. I quick google searched it and it was actually right on the way. I thought it was too good to be a coincidence so we went!

I had a veggie burger which was surprisingly good. I kind of just expect a morning star veggie burger patty at little restaurants with the one vegetarian item on the menu but it was definitely not that! Jeremy got the breakfast poutine because we hadn’t gone one day without poutine and refused to break the streak. We both shared the Betty Cooper shake from their special Riverdale Shake menu. That I totally recommend!

When we got to the falls and pulled off to park we noticed most everyone was leaving. When we walked up it was actually because it had signs all over that it was closed due to rainy season possibly causing mudslides.  It was dry with no rain in sight so we kind of ignored that and hiked it anyway. Getting up to the falls we noticed we weren’t the only ones who did! There was even a couple with a tiny little chihuahua hiking. It was so small but handled all the big rocks like a pro!


4. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

This was so breathtaking being so high. If you go make sure it’s right when they open so you can rush to the bridge first. It really makes a difference to see it all empty vs. when its packed with people crossing and you have to pay more attention not to hit anyone or fall. They have the main bridge, a cliff walk and a tree walk that were all really neat to walk.


5. Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

This is my what I couldn’t live without Vancouver experience. Or Cartems. Really though, it was a a little ways of a drive. When we were renting our car the manager was asking us if we wanted to upgrade to winter tires because the police might stop us. We totally thought it was an upgrade scam so we didn’t get it but on the way up north to the mountain we saw flashing road signs advertising needed winter tires to go any further. So the lady wasn’t lying but we ignored it and just decided if we get told to turn around we will but if not were going to the mountain!

The hike itself was pretty rough in some parts. It iced over on a lot of the path from the previous days snow. There are three lakes on the hike. The first is pretty and only a short walk from the parking lot. The second is the beautiful blue one you will likely see on Instagram. That was the worst part of the hike. It was about two hours up hill with a lot of steps. The paths are small so you really need to watch out for anyone coming down, especially when it was slippery. I was so nervous about slipping right off the cliff. The third lake was about a half an hour farther up the mountain. The water was sparkling blue!


We stopped at a few more sights and hikes on our way back but I really don’t remember all of them. It was such a beautiful trip! Honestly I would move to Vancouver in a heart beat!

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