On my birthday this past year my boyfriend got me the Health + Ancestry test from 23andMe. I’ve been so curious about my families genetic history. Most of my grandparents were children of immigrants or second generation here in the United States so they had pretty good idea about where their families came from.

From what they told me I had multiple great grandparents that were all from Poland. One great grandma from Ireland, another from Sweden and a great great grandma that was entirely native american.

unnamed (1)

With help from my family we think we were able to narrow down the broadly northwestern European to more Irish. That would mean I have more Irish in me than Polish! For years my parents have been guessing I would be around 70% polish and it turns out its more like 30%. That’s a crazy difference! We didn’t really see any countries pop up that would be a surprise though, maybe the Southern European just because my family cant account for it.

Health wise I saw in my traits I was likely to have straight, dark hair and to have a lot of freckles. I’m a curly natural blonde that’s freckle free! I did have a face full of freckles in the summer when I was really young.

The only health risks I tested positive for were the three pictured below. Again nothing surprising with my family history. My boyfriend has been joking for a while that I must have early on set Alzheimer’s because I forget EVERYTHING!

unnamed (2)

All in all I didn’t learn much I didn’t already know but I really loved learning about it all anyway. I am really glad I got a chance to do this!

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