Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Guide

If you are like me and really waited until the last minute to order anything I put my idea list together.


First up For Her:

collage-2018-02-09 (1)


  1. This minimalist and ridiculously cute ring from Bayou With Love. The gold is actually recycled from old laptops by Dell. How amazing is that!
  2. My favorite Fragrance. Its light and airy and a little bit floral but not too sweet.
  3. Every girls Parisian dream! 12 Ladurée macaroons delivered right to you.
  4. My second favorite treat ever. Momofuku Milk Bar birthday cake truffles can be delivered via mail or you can pick up if you live near a shop unlike me.
  5. Valentines day is notorious for flowers. Why not give a plant that will last and keep for oxygen fresh.
  6. I have a tradition of giving art for valentines day and I love receiving it as well. Pick up a cute minimalist girl on Etsy like this or try Society 6.
  7. One of my most wanted items but would never spend the money on myself is this candle. it comes in two different sizes but I figure if I’m going to drop the money on a fancy candle might as well go big or go home.
  8. Finally a couples gift. This journal is from Jeremy and Audrey Roloff to help you connect with your spouse/significant other. For the religious or not its a really sweet way to keep communication going.


And now For Him:



I don’t know about you but my guy is one of those minimalist guys that doesn’t voice what he wants a whole lot. Hes not super techy, hes picking about video games, he doesnt have a beard to groom and thinks clothes are boring. This is what I’ve found works for him right now.

  1. He broke his phone case a while ago and has been slowly tearing it apart since. Hence this new one being on his list. Also this Popsocket because they are just helpful in the long run.
  2. We went to a coffee shop in our home state that serves its coffee from beakers. He works as a chemical engineer and thought it was so cool. That Brought me to researching beakers on amazon until I found this six pack with stoppers.
  3. To go with the beakers I would order him his favorite coffee here. I LOVE the company. They do really great work keeping things sustainable and ethical for the regions they partner with.
  4. He got the Nintendo switch for Christmas and every time we go to target he just stares longingly at this Mario game.
  5. Board games are a big hit in our house and are pretty low on the cost list so I have ended up getting him a lot this past holiday season. We have the Oregon Trail Hunting card game and hes been talking about getting the regular one lately.
  6. His favorite cologne. I love this one the most too. Its very masculine and warm but not overpowering and doesn’t remind me of too much aftershave or bad body sprays. Also a hit was the Hugo Boss Tonic cologne. Totally different smells but both are great.
  7. Jer loves watches and I love getting him them. Sure there are some cheaper ones on amazon I might go with but Shinola is a Detroit company and I’m a little cheesy and think it would be nice to have a little piece of our home state down in our current one. I would say shop small and support your local economy but they aren’t a small business and its not local for us anymore!


And there you have it! A little list to get any of you last minute people through. Happy Valentines Day!

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